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Sheng Kung Hui Stroke Rehabilitation Charity Fund


Ms Lau is a housewife suffered from stroke which seriously affected her mobility. She was not able to take care of her family and herself as she was confined to bed. On the other hand, the public hospital refused to provide stroke rehabilitation service to her, claiming that her ability to recover was minimal. In the midst of frustration, she got access to the rehabilitative services by the Sheng Kung Hui Stroke Rehabilitation Charity Fund.


Following three months of stroke rehabilitation, Ms Lau made a notable progress of recovery. She could sit on the bed and stand nearby the wall with certain assistance, use a walking frame to move around and restored basic self-care ability. Now the public hospital has rearranged her to receive rehabilitation services in a day centre. She feels rejuvenated. Due to improved mobility, she can walk with her little grandchild who is learning to walk, and is more willing to socialise with her good friends.