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The Welfare Council’s Loving Arts Youth Academy held a graduation concert, “Seek”

Young people may feel confused and lost in their journey of growth, before realising and getting closer to their goals. On 11st January, the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council’s Loving Arts Youth Academy held a graduation concert, “Seek”, which let young people express through music and dance the ups and downs they encountered when pursing their dreams.


The Bittersweet Pursuit of Dreams

Established in 2017, the Loving Arts Youth Academy was sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to organise a 3-year “Loving Arts Youth Development Scheme”, which aims to groom young people through music, dance and counselling services. The scheme has recruited 1,800 members, held music, dance, physical and aesthetic classes and activities which had a total turnout of 28,000, and provided 4,900 sessions of counselling activities.


Over the past 3 years, the academy has formed 17 band teams and 35 dance teams, composed 16 songs, and held an array of large-scale artistic events.


The concert used “to seek” as the theme. Life is a continued search, like a maze filled with uncertainties. While pursuing your dream, one may experience ups and downs. The more you are able to appreciate the ups and downs, the more you will be able to learn, find hope, and yourself. Having encountered these processes and feelings, students of the Loving Arts Youth Academy depicted their relatable experiences onstage.


Touching Moments after the Show

Since July 2019, the academy has been preparing for the show, such as arranging intensive training and rehearsals for youth members who were selected for performance. Mr Abraham Shek, Executive Committee Member of the Welfare Council, and Dr Jane Lee, Director of the Welfare Council, were invited to officiate at the show. The youth member then kickstart the show with a spectacular dance performance that showcased the youth in pursuit of their dreams, which made an impact on guests.


The youth members did not only feel grateful for the show’s success but also had different feelings and experiences during the whole journey. Fu Nam-hei (傅南希), a dance enthusiast from the team, said she learnt to persevere and have faith to reach for their dreams. Another team member, Lam Wing-yee (林詠怡) met many good friends with the same passion, and realised that she enjoyed performing onstage after the show. “When looking back 10 years later, I will have no regrets for my youth. Thank you, “Seek”, for the opportunity!” Lam added.


Ms Billy Tam, service supervisor of Loving Arts Youth Academy, thanked staff for their joint efforts in grooming young people through music and dance. “We are really touched to see young members’ growth and transformation. Although the show and scheme have ended, the academy will continue to organise more professional art training and activities for the youth as so to help them grow and explore their potential,” Tam said.


Please visit the academy’s website (https://www.lovingarts.hk) or call 2633 2231 for the latest news and enquiries.