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“Loving Life” Project’s Exhibition cum Talent Show

With a sponsorship from the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries, the Welfare Council has launched the “Loving Life” project since September 2016, which combined theories and practices with traditional Chinese culture and values. These theories and practices were taught through life education activities at primary and secondary schools and community groups, guiding youngsters to learn positive values, be resilient to adversity and live in abundance. Near the end of the project, the Welfare Council and the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries jointly organised a “Loving Life” Project’s Exhibition cum Talent Show to conclude the works have been done in the past few months.


Dr Albert So Chun-hin, the Chairperson of BMCPC’s External Affairs Committee, Ms Rebecca Wong, Assistant Director of the Welfare Council, artist Bob Cheung and Mr Tommy Chow, World Champion in Rope Skipping, were present to officiate at the event. When addressing the guests, Ms Rebecca Wong, Assistant Director of the Welfare Council, felt grateful for the effort and dedication of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries and other partners. She said the Welfare Council is willing to go the extra mile with life education so as to create a safe haven for the young people, help families bond and grow and promote caring culture at schools. Speaking to the guests, Dr Albert So Chun-hin, the Chairperson of BMCPC’s External Affairs Committee, shared that he hoped the exhibition could help participants and the public discover the meaning of life and learn to cherish life and beloved ones.


Singer-actor Bob Cheung shared the obstacles he faced in pursing his dream and how he revived with the support of his family members. He said by acknowledging his own efforts, he felt empowered to persevere. Cheung then performed his original composition and another local pop hit to encourage the youth to be optimistic amid adversity. Another performer Tommy Chow and his teammates showed us how to do the moves of rope skipping. Chow told that the best ways for him to relieve stress were to develop interest and do something that he enjoys.


The event featured a series of elaborate performances including dancing, live band show, singing and micro-film screening. Besides, there was an exhibition area where the winning works of Snap for Life! and Draw for Life! were on display while interactive game booths conveying the message of loving life were available.



About the “Loving Life” Project

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council jointly organised a “Loving Life” project with the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries, which launched life education activities in 54 secondary and primary schools and community groups. These activities aim to educate young people to be positive and resilient in the face of challenges. In addition to publishing the “Loving Life—Life Education Manual”, the Welfare Council also conducted a series of reading sessions for 24 primary schools, where special reading corners were set up on campus to encourage students to learn different life philosophies and positive values through picture books. The sessions also included storytelling workshops for parents. Other activities of the project included life education programmes, drawing competition, photography competition and life education seminar to name a few.