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Services for Students with Special Educational Needs

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The On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services is a pilot scheme subvented by the Social Welfare Department. Children with special education needs who study at the 35 participating Kindergartens or Kindergartens cum Child Care Centers are served in this project.
Who we serve

  • Children attending the participating KGs or KG-cum-CCCs who are on the waiting list (CRSRehab-PS) for SWD-subvented pre-school rehabilitation services (i.e. EETC, IP in KG-cum-CCC, and SCCC); and
  • Teachers/child care workers and parents/carers of such children 

Scope of Service

  1. Providing Baseline Assessment for children to assess their developmental progress, following by tailor-made Individual Education Plan (IEP);
  2. Organizing individual or group training sessions and therapy for the children, catering their comprehensive developmental needs;
  3. Providing training and consultation for teachers on planning diversified strategies to support children with special education needs, conducting case discussion and management;
  4. Launching parental education programmes to strengthen their parenting and caring knowledge and skills.



  • Case manager, who has the qualification of Special Child Care Worker, is adpoted as the chief worker of case management. He/ she is responsible for children’s assessment and training, as well as coordination with parents, teachers and therapists.
  • Multi-disciplinary professions composed of Special Child Care Workers, Occupational Therapists, Physio-therapist, Speech Therapists, Clinical Psychologist and Social Workers, who provide assessment and set the IEP with training sessions for children and their families. Case conferences are held to examine and review case progress.
  • Individualized training plans, designed by the case manager and the multi-disciplinary team, are tailor made according to the Baseline Assessment result and the ability of the children.
  • On-site training and professional therapy sessions are provided.
  • Professional training provided include
  1. Counselling conducted by Clinical Psychologist;
  2. Physical training activities conducted by Physiotherapist;
  3. Attention tranings, fine and gross motor, sensory-motor activities conducted by Occupational Therapist;
  4. Verbal comprehension and expression, social communication and articulation trainings conducted by Speech Therapist.




3/F, Holy Trinity Bradbury Centre,

139 Ma Tau Chung Road, Kowloon

Tel 8200 8232
Fax 2670 6938
E-mail wwlove@skhwc.org.hk