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Children & Youth

Loving Arts Youth Academy


About the Academy

Over the past decades, the Welfare Council’s Children and Youth Service units has employed art therapy as a means of intervention to groom teenagers and foster their personal development. To consolidate its work in art education and provide comprehensive art and personal growth education, 9 children and youth service units of the Council have made a concerted effort to establish the Loving Arts Youth Academy on 1st January, 2017, offering teenagers a wide spectrum of art courses. Moreover, the academy provides personal growth and counselling services, exchange activities, social services and a platform of performances and competitions to teenagers, ensuring that they fulfil the mission of “Loving Oneself”, “Loving Others” and “Loving One’s Community”.

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We cherish every teenager and believe they all have unlimited potential. Using art as a means of intervention, the academy aims to unlock teenagers’ potential, beauty and goodness, and help them develop characters guided by the vision of:


  1. Loving Oneself:  Helping young people build positive image and confidence, improve perseverance and develop a sense of responsibility
  2. Loving Others: Learning to share, respect, collaborate and communicate in a bid to develop a sense of teamwork
  3. Loving One’s Community: Spreading messages of joy to the community via volunteer work and public performances


Service Target

Members of the Welfare Council’s youth service centres aged 11 to 29

Scope of Services

Comprising 6 faculties that offer dance, music, drama, multimedia, handicraft and sports courses, the academy also provides counselling, exchanges, social services, and a venue for large-scale performances and competitions. The academy works with families, schools and the community to encourage the all-rounded development of its youth members.


Faculties including:

  1. Faculty of Music: It offers pop music classes in vocals, instrumental music and band training.
  2. Faculty of Dance: It offers modern dance classes in jazz funk, hip-hop, urban and breaking dance.
  3. Faculty of Drama: It offers courses in performance, screenwriting, drama, musical, stage management.
  4. Media Production: It offers media production courses in song arrangement, music recording, filming and video editing.
  5. Faculty of Handicraft: It offers courses including leathercraft, paper clay, handicrafts and floriculture.
  6. Faculty of Sports: It offers sport courses including ball sports, field sports, hiking and adventure.



For enquiries, please contact our service centres:
Email: lovingarts@skhwc.org.hk 
Website: http://www.lovingarts.hk