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Elderly Services

Vitalita Academy For Life Long Learning


The Council started to promote elderly education in early nineties. In order to further promote this service, the Vitalita Academy For Life Long Learning was inaugurated in 1998. Cherishing the spirit of “Lifelong Learning” and “Productive Ageing”, the Academy strives to extend learning opportunities for the seniors in Hong Kong.



  1. Equip the students with updated knowledge and skills so as to strengthen their adaptability to daily living and to achieve total health;
  2. Enable the students to realize their potential and contribute to the community with what they have learnt so as to lead a meaningful late life;
  3. Advocate the spirits of “Lifelong Learning” and “Active Ageing”.


Service Target

Persons aged 50 and above who are interested in further study are welcome to register as students.



1) Faculty of Language
2) Faculty of Cultural Arts
3) Faculty of Religion and Philosophy
4) Faculty of Health Management
5) Faculty of Music and Dance
6) Faculty of Information Technology



Registration can be made in person at any learning centre of the Academy.


Tel: 2818 3717
Website: https://www.facebook.com/skhicesc/