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Kowloon City in Transformation: The Kowloon City Themed Walking Trail


Supported by the Urban Renewal Fund, the Welfare Council’s 6-year Kowloon City Themed Walking Trail project began operation on 1st January, 2018. The project is designed to bring residents and stakeholders together in an effort to promote heritage preservation and the cultural value of Kowloon City. The Council hopes that the spirit of the community will be preserved in spite of redevelopment and new infrastructure.


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At 6.5km long, the trail is divided into 5 sections stretching from Kowloon City Park to its north, across Sung Wong Toi, To Kwa Wan and St. Mary's Church in Hung Hom to its south. The third section, which runs from Pak Tai Street to San Ma Tau Street, will, in the first two years, be paved into a “Community Art Walk”. In the meantime, in addition to organising docent tours and exhibitions about Kowloon City, project staff have also beeb collecting public opinion and promoting the concept of participatory design at roadside booths and workshops. Such activities would give the general public a glimpse of the concepts behind the design and its details, thus engaging them in the process and achieving one of the project's goals: to bring the community together. The project also invited residents, other citizens and local groups to form a team of volunteers known as the "KC Transformers”, who, together, create and promote trail-related activities.




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