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Foundation and supportive projects

1. Sheng Kung Hui Stroke Rehabilitation Charity Fund

Many stroke patients do not have the chance to access timely and effective rehabilitative services in the first three to six months (optimal period for rehabilitation) immediately after stroke to relieve them of permanent and debilitating damage.


Stroke survivors benefit greatly from rehabilitation that begins in the optimum period. Presented with limited public resources and hefty medical fees, the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council established the Sheng Kung Hui Stroke Rehabilitation Fund in 2015, which allows low-income stroke patients to undergo prompt rehabilitation so that they can get back on their feet as soon as possible. | Details |


2. Project "Act of Love"

In 2009, the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui set up “Act of Love” following the 2008 global financial crisis to help families and individuals hit with soaring unemployment and wage cuts. Reaching out to the community through a counselling hotline manned by trained “Act of Love” contributors, the Province brought brief respite to bearers of burden. | Details |


3. Short-term Food Assistance Service - Blessed Food

“Blessed Food” was born when the Welfare Council saw a surge in the demand for food assistance during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, which hit Hong Kong, hard. After local authorities gave Blessed Food the green light, in 2009, it began providing assistance to residents of Tuen Mun with the help of government subsidies. It also worked with various Sheng Kung Hui groups and social welfare agencies to raise funds and resources to help establish a comprehensive service network. | Details |


4. The "Walk with Love" Family Support Project

To fulfill the service gaps in a community of widening income disparity, the Council initiated the "Walk with Love" Family Support Project in March 2013. The project aimed at pulling the resources and synergy of the Sheng Kung Hui Community, corporations, charity funding, profession organizations, volunteer and individuls to provide pertinent and supportive services for the "N-no" and low income families resided in Kowloon City, in the hope of lifting them out of poverty. | Details |