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Childcare Services


Nine hundred infants and children, from newborns to six-year-olds, learn and grow at the Welfare Council’s seven nursery schools, and childcare centre. Our institutions offer services shaped according to the unique characteristics, developmental needs and learning patterns of every child. After all, our goal is to nurture joyful, confident, kind and healthy children in the love of Christ.


Not only do our nurseries and childcare centres provide full-day curricula, they also offer the After School Care Programme and Occasional Child Care Services for busy parents. At select nurseries, mildly disabled children can also benefit from Integrated Programmes, which are made up of individual and small group special needs education training sessions to supplement day-to-day curricula.



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Nurturing joyful, confident, good-natured and healthy children in the love of Christ.


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  1. Following in the footsteps of Christ to reach out and touch lives
  2. Every child's ability
  3. The uniqueness of every child and their individual learning methods and patterns 
  4. The power of joy and a sense of security in encouraging learning 
  5. The importance of health in overall development
  6. The need for children to establish harmonious ties with themselves, their families, society, and the natural environment
  7. Life – the best teacher



The curricula at our nurseries and childcare centres include the Brain Gym®, life learning, storytelling, art and character-based learning, the whole language approach and operational mathematics. Our multidimensional curricula help children explore the different facets of society and, through various experiences, enhance their skills and knowledge.


Our Services include