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Elderly Services

Senior citizens at the Welfare Council’s elderly service units spend most of their time enjoying their golden years with the help of tailor-made social support services and customised care. We ensure that their physical, spiritual and social needs are met in environments with which they are familiar. We place equal emphasis on the senior citizens’ caregivers by providing them with professional caregiving support and guidance to help them feel more at ease.



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Providing elders with comprehensive care for their physical, mental, social and spiritual needs, so they can lead fulfilling lives in their golden years.


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Older adults affiliated with the Council’s establishments find themselves actively involved in social activities with the support and encouragement of our staff. We design plenty of activities to create opportunities for them to continue to give back to society while enjoying their golden years. Some of these activities are organised by our Vitalita Academy For Life Long Learning  for Senior Citizens. And, to facilitate intergenerational harmony and promote filial piety, our service units also host special events to foster interactions between the young and the old.


Our services include